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Hair Transplant Female Celebrities

Female Celebrities That Have Had Hair Transplants

Women were either not comfortable to talk about it or do not have the confidence to acknowledge the hair loss. Hair is considered the most precious jewel for a woman and hair loss can cause severe irreversible self-esteem issues in women.

Female and celebrity hair loss is not uncommon. It is just that women do not really talk about it. However, more and more women are coming together and opening up about their hair loss stories and normalizing hair transplant. Celebrity hair loss and hair transplant female celebrities before and after has encouraged many women to get a hair transplant and talk about it.

Celebrity Hair Loss

Male celebrities have been getting hair transplant for years now. Celebrity hair loss is a thing and just like men, women also face it and they have now begun opting a transplant. To this date, baldness and hair loss is unfortunately made fun of, which makes an individual lose confidence. Very recently, the world witnessed what happened at the Oscars 2022 when Chris Rock joked about Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia. The incident was unfortunate but also went on to prove how baldness in women and celebrity hair loss is still looked down upon.

Hair Transplant Female Celebrities

When people hear the term ‘celebrity hair loss’, they automatically associate it with males. However, hair transplant female celebrities is now more common than ever. The reason female celebrities did not openly accept it before is because female hair loss is stigmatized. However, there are a number of celebrities who got and endorse hair transplant female celebrities. The list of hair transplant female celebrities before and after is as followed.

Naomi Campbell

Among hair transplant female celebrities, Naomi’s transplant is the most well known. Supermodel Naomi Campbell is a name every household especially in Hollywood knows. She hit the peak of her modeling career and is known for her confidence, beautiful skin and beautiful hair. However, Naomi suffered severe hair loss due to use of extensions and weaves. It came to the point where she had to get a transplant to gain her hair back. She was able to grow her spots back.

Keira Knightly

Keira Knightly, a British actor, opened up about celebrity hair loss. She lost most of her hair due to dying the hair for different movie roles. Her hair began falling out and she had to opt for wigs as a solution to hide her baldness.


Tyra Banks

Model Tyra Banks opened up about hair loss in 2011 in her book. High stress levels caused the severe hair loss that made her lose all the confidence. That is when she opted for a transplant and made her way to the list hair transplant female celebrities.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia gained a lot of attention due to the incident at Oscars 2022 when she was mocked for her hair loss. Although she does not fall under the list of hair transplant female celebrities as she decided to embrace her baldness, she still remains as someone women with baldness can look up to.

What causes hair loss in females?

Shockingly enough, by the time women reach the age of 40, 40% of women experience hair loss. The reason this number is surprising is because women and especially female celebrity hair loss does not get talked about much. In UK, 8 million women lose their hair by the time they reach 50 and the leading cause of it is alopecia.

There are many reasons why celebrity hair loss can be triggered. These reasons include use of drugs, using chemicals and dyes, rough handling, stress, hormonal imbalance, diseases such as alopecia and cancer. Talking about hair transplant female celebrities, most celebrities that opted for a transplant lost their hair due to high levels of stress. Hair loss in women is divided in three types. The first type is shedding type 1 where general shedding occurs. You can hide it by styling your hair in certain ways. In shedding type 2, there is a significant decrease in the midline. Baldness starts to become more prominent. This is the stage where celebrity hair loss is taken seriously. In shedding type 3, the scalp on the crown becomes visible and the hair loss keeps increasing. This is when hair transplant female celebrities becomes the solution.

Hair loss completely changes the appearance of a person. It serves as the only permanent solution for hair loss that is not curable. It is crucial to make sure you are getting your hair transplant from a reputed doctor since you can not risk your physical appearance. Ensure that the doctor is experienced, qualified and professional. Moreover, pay attention to the clinic and how sanitary it is. Read reviews and testimonials to be sure.

Before your transplant, discuss all the problems related to your hair with your doctor so the doctor can make proper examination and rule out the reason for hair loss. The type of hair transplant you will get depends on the reason of your hair loss. Your doctor will also ask you to follow some precautions such as limiting smoking, drinking alcohol and using blood thinners before the transplant to prevent leaking of blood during the operation.

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