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Unshaven Hair Transplant

What is the Unshaven Hair Transplant ?

The hair transplantation method without shaving the hair is called unshaven hair transplant. People who experience regional hair loss prefer this procedure. In order to plant hair especially in a small area, transplantation is performed without the need for shaving the entire area.

Normally, hair up to 1 millimeter is shaved in hair transplantation techniques, while this situation disappears completely in unshaven hair transplantation. Recently, hair transplant without shaving technique helps people who are afraid of hair transplantation.

How is Unshaven Hair Transplant Performed?

Unshaven hair transplant is a lot more common in women as compared to men. Evidently, women hesitate to let go of their hair since they consider it as their most precious jewel that affects their overall physical appearance. You can now get a hair transplant without shaving or having to worry about shaved head affecting your appearance. Unshaven hair transplant is performed with utmost attention to detail. The doctor will shave the part of your head that can be easily camouflaged with the rest of your hair so the bald patch will not be visible at all. Among DHI, FUE and Sapphire FUE, DHI is the most preferred technique for hair transplant without shaving since it is the most convenient and safe procedure.

Most people opt for an unshaven hair transplant due to its numerous benefits such as not having to shave off the existing hair, being able to camouflage the donor area, returning to your daily life easily and easier healing process.

What Are the Differences Between Hair Transplant without Shaving and Shaved Hair Transplant?

The whole process of a regular hair transplant and unshaven hair transplant is very similar, even the after care of both the transplants is the same. However, the only difference between both the transplants is that in the shaved hair transplant, your donor area will be shaved along with your recipient area to transplant the hair follicles. In a hair transplant without shaving, a small chunk of your hair will be shaved only from the area that can be camouflaged with your other hair. Besides this, there is not much of a difference. Unshaven hair transplant is mostly performed using the DHI technique with a CHOI pen and the regular hair transplant can be performed using FUE, Sapphire FUE and DHI technique.


For which people is it suitable ?

These people can have hair transplant without shaving. You can find out if you are suitable for the this technique by contacting our patient consultants.

Things to Know Before Unshaven Hair Transplant

Before you get an unshaven hair transplant, the doctor will examine your hair and scalp to rule out the causes of your hair loss and determine if you are fit for the unshaven hair transplant or not. Upon determining that, the doctor will determine how many grafts you would need to fix the baldness. This step is the most important since this will decide the whole physical appearance in the end. Since the end result is defined by how much attention you pay to the precautions, you should be very careful and follow your doctor’s instructions before the hair transplant.

Before the transplant, the doctor will ask you to avoid smoking and stop consuming certain drugs that act as blood thinners as a precaution before unshaven hair transplant since they may make recovery very slow.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Process

Initially, specialist doctors shave the donor area partially. However, the hair must be long. The doctor collects the hair follicles from this area one by one. Long hair in the upper part of this treated area camouflages the treated hair due to its angles. Thus, the donor area and small wounds in the area are camouflaged by the hair on top. For hair transplant without shaving, doctors mostly use the DHI technique because it is an easy and convenient procedure.


The Advantages of Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven hair technique has many known advantages. These;

Hair Transplant without Shaving Recovery

The recovery of unshaven hair transplant is the same as recovery of normal hair transplant. You should get your hair washed for the first time at the clinic professionally. After three days, you can wash your hair yourself very gently with a very mild shampoo. You should take vitamin supplements regularly and consume a healthy proper diet.

At Esthetic Hair Turkey, we carry out all stages of unshaven hair transplantation successfully. You can contact us if you want to have a hair transplant in our center and have detailed information about hair transplant prices or learn about hair transplant recovery.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant without shaving is performed in our clinic and the specialist Turkish doctors use the DHI technique in this process. So, DHI is a very practical and without channel procedure. Your hair will have a very natural look.

Our patients apply to our Mexico clinic for reasons such as people who are uncomfortable with their hair being cut or planting in a small area. Our specialist doctors meet the expectations of our patients and successfully apply our hair transplant methods. As Esthetic Hair Mexico, we offer affordable prices and quality service. Our patient consultants provide 24/7 service. You can contact them and send a picture of your hair or ask any questions you may have.



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