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About Esthetic Hair Mexico

Esthetic Hair Mexico is a hair transplant center established in the Cancun region. It is a branch of Esthetic Hair Turkey, which provides worldwide service, in Mexico. It is a brand with expert Turkish doctors and professional healthcare team. As a result of thousands of patients applying to Esthetic Hair Turkey every year, it wanted to be more accessible to its patients and therefore it opened a hair transplant center in Mexico. The hair transplant center in Mexico includes many successful hair transplant techniques. In addition, it offers services in different languages ​​and comfortable service to its guests.

Continuing to carry its services to many parts of the world, Esthetic Hair Mexico also has a hair transplant center in Brazil. By following such a path, it has made it its mission to carry its services to patients all over the world. Many of the hair transplantation techniques of Esthetic Hair Mexico are popular, but the Gold DHI technique is one of the most preferred. Turkish doctors perform a large number of hair transplants in a single session as a result of this procedure and perform the procedure professionally without leaving any traces in the donor area. This highlights the success of Esthetic Hair Mexico.


Our Vision

As Esthetic Hair Mexico, we have hair transplantation centers in many parts of the world. We follow modern technology day by day in order to expand to wider regions and to grow our brand. We continue to grow in this field by developing many techniques for hair transplantation, and together with our team, we continue to provide quality service to our patients at full speed.

Our Mission

We are happy to offer our quality services to our patients who come from all over the world for hair transplant treatment. Our goal is to contact more patients and increase our reach for this. Esthetic Hair Mexico was established in Mexico but it has hair transplant centers in many parts of the world. By expanding our brand, we aim to appeal to more audiences and offer successful treatments. We work with Turkish doctors and modern equipment to be the best.



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