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DHI Hair Transplant

What is The DHI Hair Implant ?

DHI hair transplant is an improved version of the FUE technique. DHI hair transplant is an operation performed with the latest technological equipment by expert doctor. This operation is performed with the CHOI pen. Therefore, patients prefer this technique. The reason why it is popular is that it is more practical than other hair transplantation methods and the recovery process is quite fast. DHI is a method that requires expertise. Therefore, hair transplantation is performed by specialists and the operation process is shorter than other transplantation techniques. This operation is performed under anesthesia so that the patients do not feel pain.

DHI Hair Transplant Technique Stages

DHI technique requires expertise. In order to get a successful result, this operation should be performed by specialist doctors. DHI hair transplant is a very practical procedure. It consists of several stages;


Who is The DHI Hair Implant Technique Suitable For ?

DHI hair transplant technique can be applied to people with hair shedding or who have completely lost their hair. Hair transplantation is done easily without any damage during the procedure. At the same time, hair transplantation can be done to anyone with suitable health and sufficient grafts. In addition, the DHI technique is the most suitable hair transplant technique for women. Because with the DHI technique, unshaven hair transplantation can be done in the best way. Contact us here to find out if you are a suitable candidate for hair transplant. Let our doctors examine and respond to you.

The Advantages of DHI Technique

DHI hair technique has many advantages. The reasons why patients prefer it is that it has more advantages. The advantages of the DHI technique are;

DHI Hair Transplant Cost

DHI is a practical procedure without opening a canal. It is a faster process than other planting techniques. At Esthetic Hair Mexico, our patients prefer the DHI technique. One of the most well-known reasons for this is that we have an expert team. Our staff are certified hair transplant specialists serving in many parts of the world. You will also be comfortable in terms of proximity as it is the border of Mexico to USA. The city of Cancun is a great vacation destination. You can both travel with your family and get treatment. This way, you can save money too. You will get the highest efficiency in terms of price and performance with DHI. To be informed about net prices and our campaigns, contact us now on this WhatsApp number.

DHI Hair Transplant in Mexico

DHI hair transplant is one of the most common types of hair transplant in Mexico. It uses CHOI pen to transplant hair in the bald areas. CHOI pen is a very contemporary tool, which is why patients prefer this the most. In Mexico, the treatment of DHI is very high quality with affordable costs. DHI is highly preferred in Mexico because the recovery process is very fast and the procedure is practical. Patients from all around the world especially United States highly prefer Mexico for DHI hair transplant because the quality of treatment is the same in Mexico as it is in USA with almost half the cost.

In Mexico, our highly professional and experienced doctors have come from Turkey on high demands from patients. Hence, you can be rest assured your transplant will be smooth.


DHI Hair Transplant in Cancun vs Tijuana

Mexico is one of the top countries when it comes to treatments for hair. The country provides top-notch services quality in up-to-date clinics with advanced tools and experienced doctors. This makes patients trust Mexico for their hair transplant. Due to the increased competition in the field, so many people are trying to set up a clinic for hair transplant. Hence, it is important to research well and choose the right city and clinic for the transplant.

Two main cities for the hair transplant are Cancun and Tijuana with some of the best clinics. These two cities are well developed and have the best tools, technology and equipment for the surgeries. The great services, advanced technology, experienced surgeons and affordable costs make Cancun and Tijuana a good choice for transplant.

DHI Hair Transplant USA vs Mexico

DHI Hair Transplant in USA is not easily accessible for everyone due to its incredibly high pricing.. However, Mexico has made it easy by offering the same quality of treatment with almost 65% lesser costs than USA. Having a hair transplant in USA may sound more convenient for Americans but that means spending thousands of dollars more for the same quality of service you would get in Mexico. This is why people prefer Mexico over USA for hair transplant. The reason why costs are so high in USA as compared to Mexico is because in Mexico, the wages are lower than USA and the currency used in USA i.e. US Dollar has a higher conversion rate. Clinics in USA charge high for the transplant to cover their high expenses and make profits.

Why Choose Esthetic Hair Mexico?

At Esthetic Hair Mexico, we have been serving our patients with due attention and care and guarantee great results with affordable costs. We expanded to Mexico from Turkey due to high demand from our Mexican patients. We perform all hair treatments with great attention to detail. Moreover, our prices are considerably low making Esthetic Hair Mexico the best option for your hair transplant solutions. Contact us to be informed and to discuss the costs. Fill the contact form and we will contact you.



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