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Hair Transplant in Mexico

Hair Transplantation in Mexico

Hair loss in men and women is considered normal up to a certain extent. However, when people experience severe hair loss, they resort to hair transplantation methods. Hair transplantation provides people with a natural and permanent solution. We perform hair transplant in Mexico.

Our specialist doctors perform the best hair transplant methods in Mexico. The doctors we have brought in from Turkey provide the best service to our patients in Mexico. We do our DHI technique, which has become very popular among our hair transplantation techniques, with new generation technology.

DHI Hair Transplant in Mexico

DHI technique is a treatment method that has become very popular recently among hair transplantation techniques. One of the reasons why it is so popular is that it is planted with the pen we call CHOI without opening a channel. It is done simultaneously with the graft collection process, so it is a very practical technique.

DHI hair transplant Mexico is performed by special equipment and our expert team. Our clinic considers the complete satisfaction and comfort of our patients. That's why we opened a clinic in Mexico's most beautiful city, Cancun, and became closer to our patients in Mexico. We do the DHI technique in our clinic here under good conditions. Our DHI hair transplant prices are very affordable. The prices of the services we provide all over the world are always equal to each other. Click to learn more about the DHI technique.

FUE Hair Transplant Mexico

The FUE technique is the most well-known hair transplant method among hair transplant techniques. In this procedure, the patient is given local anesthesia first. Then, the specialist opens a canal with the help of a micromotor on the hairless area, and then the transplantation process begins. We can say that the difference from the DHI process is the channel opening.

We perform FUE hair implant in Mexico with an expert team. FUE technique is the first hair transplantation method we used in our clinic. FUE, which is a deep-rooted technique, may be a classical technique, but it has always offered natural results to our patients. We are achieving success by performing the FUE procedure with our successful staff in our clinic that we opened in the Cancun region of Mexico. Click to learn more about our FUE hair transplant technique.

Hair Transplant Mexico Price

Everybody ask ‘Are hair transplants in Mexico safe?’ We decided to open a clinic in Mexico upon the high demand of our patients. The service we provide here is just like the service we provide to many parts of the world. We brought our specially certified specialist doctors from Turkey. Hair Transplant in Mexico is very safe. You can treat them with peace of mind.

All hair transplant techniques are available in our clinic in Mexico. Our expert team is working with the latest technology equipment to provide you with a better service. Our hair transplantation techniques are Sapphire FUE technique, FUE and DHI techniques. Hair transplant prices in our clinic are very affordable. Our prices will make you happy. You can send a few images to our patient consultants to learn the number of grafts you need, and they will tell you both the appropriate technique and your graft need.



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