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After Hair Transplant

After Hair Transplant

Care after hair transplant is very important. Because the more you take care of your new hair, the more natural results you will get and the faster you will recover. There are certain points that you should pay attention to after hair implant. These;

After Hair Transplant Process

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that eliminates hair loss in people. This process is done in many different techniques, and these different techniques have their own healing processes. For example, DHI and FUE hair transplantation techniques are different from each other, and their healing processes are also different from each other. Therefore, a person who will have a hair transplant treatment should know everything about the operation process. In this content, we will give you detailed information about hair transplant post op.

After hair transplantation, you must protect your hair and be careful about certain situations. In order for your hair transplant treatment to get a good result, you should follow all the recommendations after the operation. You should avoid factors that affect the success of your treatment. Otherwise, you may get bad results.

First Week: Crusting occurs in your hair. These redness will go away in time. There will be spills during washing, you don’t need to worry because these spills are not hair follicles.

10 Day: The crusts in your hair begin to fall. You can do this yourself under the supervision of a doctor.

Week 2: After the whole shedding process is over, you can change your sleeping position and sleep in a normal position.

1 Months: In this process, your hair transplant treatment will never be obvious. Your healing begins to be complete, but you still need to protect yourself from the blow.

3 Months: In this process, your hair starts to come out completely and grow. These hairs are similar to the feathers we call baby hair.

12 Months: Hair regrowth process is 90%. There is no redness on the scalp.


Things to Avoid After Hair Transplant Procedure

There are some points that you should avoid in order to get a successful result after the hair transplant operation. Patients should pay attention to the points in the following items.

Sleep Position

Sleeping position is an important part of hair transplant post op. Especially in the first 24 hours after hair transplantation, the patient should pay extra attention during sleep for at least one week, because we may damage our donor area unknowingly during sleep.

Therefore, you should sleep in the supine position after hair transplantation. Your donor area is at risk of swelling for the three and four nights. You can reduce swelling by sleeping in a high position. Your recovery may be faster.


After hair transplantation, you should protect your hair from harmful sunlights. The redness that will occur on your scalp after the treatment may have a permanent risk when it comes into contact with the sun. Sunlights do not directly damage the hair, but can cause great damage to the skin.

You can protect your hair from harmful sunlights by wearing a hat until your hair grows.

Smoke & Alcohol

Patients should not smoke or use alcohol for the first week after hair transplantation. Because the recovery period is prolonged and healthy results are not obtained. After the patient drinks alcohol, blood pressure, low blood sugar and respiratory problems may occur in the body. This may cause post-treatment congestion and bleeding.

Likewise, smoking after the procedure affects the success of the procedure. Smoking may carry the risk of infection after the procedure. It affects the body's immune system and you may have a longer recovery period.


Another thing that patients wonder about in hair transplant post op is the bathing process. Patients can take a bath after hair transplantation, but they should be very careful with the scalp. They can gently wash the hair areas 48 hours after the procedure, but the hair should be washed without water pressure. After a week, you can take a bath comfortably.

Sport & Physical Activities

Exercise is very important for the human body. However, it may be inconvenient to exercise after important operations such as hair transplantation. You should avoid doing heavy exercises for at least 10 days after hair transplantation, this may cause a trauma. With one wrong move, you can damage your hair area.


You should avoid swimming after the operation. It may take time for your hair grafts and donor area to heal, so you should wait 2 to 4 weeks to swim. Otherwise, your risk of infection increases.

Hair Transplant Post Operative Care: Recovery Time

Hair transplant post op is a process that everyone who has a hair transplant treatment is curious about. As long as the patient pays attention to the instructions given after hair transplantation, the probability of achieving healthy and permanent hair increases. Therefore, patient should follow the instructions given by doctor and follow the healing processes.

Care after hair transplantation is important for you to get successful results. We talked about what you can do in which months.


Hair Transplant 1 Month Post op

In the first week after hair transplantation, the process we call 'shock shedding' can begin. This may vary from person to person. The shock shedding process of some patients may continue for 1 month. However, you do not need to worry in this process because towards the end of the first month, your hair will become denser and the hair that has been shed will grow back during your recovery period.


Hair Transplant 3 Months Post op

Shock shedding is not seen in the 3rd month after hair transplantation. In this process, the healing process continues on the scalp. Tissue reactions such as acne and itching may occur. These are signs that healing has taken place. You should not use any cosmetic products, you should only use the products recommended by your doctor.


Hair Transplant 6 Months Post op

Generally, in 6 months, patients can have 50% of the hair. In this process, all complaints such as injury or itching disappear and you can observe that your hair grows completely.

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Hair Transplant in Mexico

As Esthetic Hair Mexico, we apply all hair transplantation techniques in our clinic. Although hair transplantation is a very serious operation, it offers permanent solutions to everyone who has hair loss. Upon the high demand of our patients, we continue our services in Mexico and provide them with permanent hair transplant opportunities. Our hair transplant procedures are quite easy. We create a treatment plan for you, then our expert team determines the number of grafts you need and the best technique for you.

After hair implant process, our doctors will contact you again at a certain time and you will stay in touch until your recovery process is completed. You should only get all your care recommendations after hair transplant from your doctor, your doctor knows best what you need. Our prices are very affordable. If you want to benefit from our techniques, contact patient consultants and get free information.



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