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Hair Wash After Hair Transplant

What is Hair Wash After Hair Transplant ?

Hair wash after hair transplant is very important for a successful result. Crusting and redness in the hair after the procedure causes the area to become sensitive. Therefore, the first wash should be done by a specialist doctor. The first wash is usually done 48 hours after the procedure.

How to Wash Hair After The Operation ?

Hair wash after hair transplant is very simple actually. But a few days after your doctor does your first wash, your scalp is relieved with the help of a foaming spray. This foaming process should be applied from back to front. Because the exit of the hair follicles is from the back to the front.

Things to pay attention

You should be as precise as possible in your movements. Rinse as little as possible with the shampoo or serum your doctor has given you. Do not rub or scratch your growing hair. It is very important not to use your nails while washing your hair. Because it is the process where the hair roots are the most sensitive. You can lose most of your transplanted hair after wrong washing. You can do the first wash after your doctor has done it. You can wash successfully with the help of a person. If you doing hair wash after hair transplant, your hair follicles will become stronger and adapt to their new places easily.

Doctors recommend washing the hair regularly in the first weeks after the operation. After hair transplantation, preparations should be made for hair washing. When you apply for hair transplantation in our clinic, our patient consultants will give you the necessary information.


Necessary materials

First wash after hair transplant

The after care of a hair transplant is just as important as the transplant itself. How much you care about your transplant after the procedure will decide the final result and appearance. The more you care for your hair transplant, the faster it will heal. During the first week, also known as the recovery week, the transplanted area becomes red and crusty due to the clotting of blood. The first wash after hair transplant at the hair clinic reduced itching and redness. First hair wash after hair transplant is always performed at the clinic because there is a high risk of the follicles of hair getting detached if you do the first wash after hair transplant yourself because washing hair after hair transplant can be tricky and this job should be left for the professionals only.

Shampoo after hair transplant

Your first wash with shampoo after hair transplant is going to be at the clinic to prevent any mishaps such as detachment of the hair follicles, rigorous washing that can lead to scarring or hurting the crusty skin. Washing hair after hair transplant does not only require a proper technique but also supervision of professionals. Hence why we never let our patients do the first shampoo after hair transplant themselves. Our doctors at Esthetic Hair Mexico have years of experience so you can be sure that you are in good hands and you can trust them with the hair wash after hair transplant.


When can I wash my hair normally after hair transplant?

The most commonly asked question after a hair transplant is when can I wash my hair normally after hair transplant? Doctors never allow you to do the first hair wash after hair transplant yourself. After washing hair after hair transplant at the clinic, the doctors will give you instructions for post operation care.

About two weeks after the hair transplant, the transplanted grafts will off in a stage called “shock loss.” This stage is very common and all patients experience it. These grafts will be replaced with new ones. During the first three days, you should be extra careful and not wash your hair. You can have a gentle hair wash after hair transplant after about three days. However, washing hair after hair transplant should only be done with a very mild shampoo. However, any activity that can make you sweat such as sauna, sports or exposure to sunlight should be avoided completely for almost two weeks.

Without a doubt, Mexico is a great option for hair transplant considering both the quality and the cost. Our doctors have more than 10 years of experience so you will be in safe hands. We guarantee an overall comfortable experience with reasonable hair transplant cost.

Esthetic Hair Mexico

Although the hair washing process is difficult at first, it will get easier as your hair heals. In our clinic, our team supports patients in hair wash after hair transplant. Our team applies the first washing process to their patients. We continue to implement all our services until our patients are satisfied.

Esthetic Hair Mexico performs all hair transplantation procedures with Turkish doctors. The procedures they do use modern hair transplantation techniques are always of high quality. Our patient consultants provide 24/7 service. You can contact us to have information about before hair transplantation and after hair transplantation. Fill in our contact form, and we'll get back to you right away.



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