What is The Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant ?

Sapphire FUE hair transplant is a hair transplant technique. Also the most important point that distinguishes it from other planting techniques is the opening of channels with a natural sapphire tip. Hair transplant doctors numb the scalp by giving local anesthesia to the patient. At the same time, it is a completely painless procedure and hair transplantation is easily performed.

The specialist collects the grafts one by one from the donor area and opens channels to the bald areas with the help of a natural sapphire tip. However, the important thing at this point is that the channels opened are frequent. This is the most important factor affecting the success of hair transplantation. For this reason, hair transplant specialists should open the channels.

How is Sapphire FUE Technique Applied ?

Sapphire FUE technique is a very comfortable and painless procedure. In addition, specialist doctors apply it according to the following items.

  • First of all, the team creates a treatment plan for the patient. They determine the patient's hairline.
  • The doctor puts the patient under local anesthesia and numbs the hair area to provide a comfortable treatment for the patient.
  • Micromotor needles rotate on the scalp, accelerating the graft collection process.
  • The specialist collects the grafts one by one with the help of tweezers.
  • They keep the grafts in a sterile environment.
  • Channels are opened one by one with a special sapphire tip. Thanks to the sapphire stone, the scalp is not damaged.
  • After collecting the grafts, the doctor carefully transfers them to the scalp.

Before Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Sapphire FUE technique is important as in every hair transplant technique. In addition, the person who will perform this operation should be a specialist doctor and should be performed in a successful clinic.

Otherwise, operations performed by inexperienced people may have undesirable results. That’s why you should do a detailed research before the sapphire FUE hair transplant technique. Esthetic Hair Mexico has moved all its specialist doctors from Turkey to Mexico due to the high demand for patients and If you want a natural hair transplant, contact us.

Before Sapphire FUE hair transplant, your doctor will examine your hair and rule out any genetic diseases, the number of grafts you would need and any complications. If there are no health problems, the physician will give you a heads up to get the transplant. This helps minimize the risk of any possible complications that have the possibility to occur during the operation.

Your doctor will recommend you to stop smoking and consuming alcohol at least 7 days before the operation as that can cause bleeding during the operation due to thinning of blood. You should also stop consuming herbal teas or any medicines that can your blood to thin. Lastly, on the day of your transplant, make sure that you have washed and cleaned your hair properly and have not used any products in your hair.



Advantages of Sapphire FUE Technique

Sapphire FUE has many advantages;

  • Since the specialist opens the channels very thin, the risk of bleeding is also minimized.
  • The use of sapphire-tipped blades reduces crust formation. Accordingly, the risk of infection is prevented. However, wounds heal quickly.
  • Sapphire FUE also provides cosmetic advantages to the technical person. Moreover, quick-healing wounds make a huge difference visually.
  • This technique gives the person a dense hair result. The doctor places the grafts very precisely and carefully. Therefore, hair growth occurs properly and has a positive effect on the person.
  • Along with the rapid healing process, the growth of the hair takes place rapidly after a few months.

What is The Difference Between Classic FUE and Sapphire FUE ?

The most important difference between FUE and Sapphire FUE is the different equipment used. Sapphire In the FUE technique, the doctor uses a sapphire tip, while in the FUE technique, a metal tip is used. In addition, the channels opened in the sapphire FUE technique are thinner. Therefore, the hair to grow will be fuller and denser. In conclusion, both techniques are very useful techniques for hair transplantation.

How Long Does Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation Take?

The length of the procedure can not be exactly determined as it varies from person to person and their condition. There are multiple factors that affect the time the procedure will take such as the width of the area of hair transplant and the number of grafts that the patient will need. Sapphire hair transplant allows transplantation of 4000 grafts in one session. However, in general, the procedure time can range between 6 to 8 hours. The procedure is, however, painless as the doctors use local anesthesia to numb the area of transplant and ensure pain free operation and comfortable recovery to the patients.

What Should Be Considered After Sapphire Hair Transplant?

After you get the hair transplant, you have to follow your doctor’s post operation advices and take the necessary precautions. This makes the recovery process faster and more comfortable. These precautions include

  • For at least the first ten days, you should completely avoid rubbing or hitting your scalp on any surface
  • Wear clothes with buttons as this helps reduce any risks.
  • Avoid saunas, gyms or direct exposure to sunlight to ensure you do not sweat for a month.
  • Consume the medications prescribed by your doctor regularly.
  • Use shampoo and hair products given by your doctor.
  • Do not use cosmetic products on your scalp after the surgery.

You can continue your normal life one month after the transplant.



When Does My Hair Grow After Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant?

After your sapphire FUE hair transplant, your hair will begin to grow immediately after the operation. People who get this transplant often enter the telogen effluvium phase, which is also called the resting phase. Once the resting phase is over in 2-3 weeks, you will face hair loss. This hair loss phase is called shock loss. This will last for around 6 months and then your hair will start to grow normally. You will be able to witness a proper result one year after your transplant.

During the recovery period, it is crucial for you to consume your medications and vitamins to help the grow faster and healthier. At Esthetic Hair Turkey, we carry out all types of hair transplants successfully. You can  contact us  if you want to have a air transplant in our center and have detailed information about hair transplant prices or learn about hair transplant recovery.

Sapphire FUE Technique at Esthetic Hair Mexico

Our patients prefer the sapphire FUE technique a lot because it is a technique that offers natural results to patients. The specialist uses natural sapphire stones, unlike metals used in other methods in sapphire hair transplantation. Thus, while the channel is opened, the damages that the metals will cause to the body do not occur.

Our certified specialist doctors successfully perform sapphire FUE hair transplantation techniques with the latest technology equipment. Upon the intense demands of our patients, we specially transported our equipment and doctors from Turkey. We continue to serve you successfully and if you want to get information about sapphire FUE technique, hair, eyebrow and beard transplant, you contact our patient advisors.


Esthetic Hair Mexico successfully performs all hair transplantation techniques with its expert team.


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