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Tom Brady Hair Transplant

We all know how drastically hair transplant can change an individual’s appearance. This is also why so many celebrities opt for it since they always to stay in the limelight and in the audience eyes. A transplant is undeniably the only proven way that stops the hair loss permanently and ensures hair re-growth. There are multiple different why people especially men begin losing hair. These reasons could include any accidents, diseases, genetics or simply male pattern hair loss. Irregardless of what is causing the hair loss, in most cases, it can not be reversed without a transplant. This is why most celebrities and public figures get a hair transplant.

Tom Brady is no less than a living legend when it comes to NFL. He started his career 22 years ago in 2000 with New England Patriots. Brady is known for winning multiple awards along with four super bowls. He has made so many records in American football that nobody has even been able to come close to breaking his record. All his records, the love of his fans and wealth could not stop him from facing hair loss. We know how severely men’s self esteem is affected when they face hair loss since hair adds to their attractiveness. So we can only imagine how an athlete as famous as Tom would feel when he started losing his hair. He was not only a seven superbowl championships winner but he was also an inspiration to all the football fans in the world. He is known to have opted for a transplant and Tom Brady hair transplant is what we will be discussing today.

Why did Tom Brady get a hair transplant

Tom Brady is a legend on the football field and he is married to Gisele Bundchen, who is a supermodel. Hence, they are both often on the red carpet and public eye. This is why Tom had to make sure he looked spectacular at all times. In 2002, Tom began experiencing hair loss and fans and journalists did not notice it until he had a visibly receding hairline. Although Tom himself never spoke about the transplant, tons of media outlets covered the news of Tom Brady hair transplant. When journalists began noticing thinning of Tom’s hair in the pictures they took, rumors speculated that he was facing male pattern baldness. He was losing hair due to genetics as his father also showed signs of male pattern baldness.

However, in 2005, Brady finally opted for a transplant and was seen with a shaved head during off season. Tom Brady before and after hair transplant photos made it even clearer that he had gotten a hair transplant. It is because his hair in the pictures from 2007 looked very healthy, thick and full. From then onwards, Tom Brady hair transplant became talk of the town.

Which technique was used in Tom Brady hair transplant?

According to what the before and after photos of the transplant say, Tom Brady opted for the FUE hair transplant technique. This can be guessed because he does not have a scar of an incision. In other techniques of hair transplant, there is a scar from the incision that is made during the hair transplant. However, in FUE, no incision is made and there is no scar. FUE is also the most advanced method that offers a pain-free treatment.

FUE is a technique in which the doctor collects hair follicles from the donor area, which is usually the back of the head i.e. nape. He then transplants the hair follicles into balding area without making any incision on the scalp. This is the most highly preferred technique that makes use of special tools and transplants each hair follicle individually. As mentioned above, the procedure will be pain free because you will be given a local anesthesia. Moreover, after the transplant, you do not have to worry about a scar since no incision will be made. Since it is a crucial process, it is important to make sure you opt for an experienced surgeon for your hair transplant. FUE also heals faster and gives more natural results than other techniques but since it is the most advanced method, it is slightly more expensive than other types of transplants.

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