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Beard Transplant

What is The Beard Transplant?

A huge number of people opt for hair transplants as a fix for their physical appearance but often neglect their beard. For a man, beard is the one of the most important physical facial features. In today’s era, thicker beard is considered manly and attractive. All global celebrities such as George Clooney, Idris Elba, Jason Momoa have helped bring thick beard in fashion. Lack of growth of beard causes severe self esteem issues among men. This gives rise to the number of people wanting a beard transplant.

Beard transplant offers a solution to the loss and beard gaps that occur in the beard area of ​​the person. In the same way, different equipment and techniques are used in beard transplantation as in hair transplantation. This process usually consists of placing the hair follicles taken from the back of your hair into the beard area. The hair follicles taken are planted according to the exit point of the beard area. This provides a more natural look in beard.

How is Beard Transplant Done?

Before starting the operation, the specialist doctor puts the patient under local anesthesia. The same techniques can be used in beard transplantation as in other hair transplantation treatments. The patient feels no pain during the procedure. The doctor then removes the hair follicles from the donor area, prepares them for the transplantation and opens channels on the receiver area for the transplant. The follicles are then planted on the channels. For a beard transplant, most people opt for FUE or DHI method for a comfortable and painless procedure.

Before Beard Transplant

Before your beard transplant, the doctor will examine your beard closely to determine the cause of hair loss and the type of transplant you would need. Once that is determined, the doctor will come up with a number of grafts you would need for a natural look. This is a crucial step as it decides the end result. Hence, these examinations will only be made by an experienced doctor. The better these examinations are, the better your results will be.


During the Operation

Recently, specialists have been using the DHI technique for beard implant. DHI is a technique that is adjusted according to the method of hair growth. However, the doctor determines a method according to the number of grafts the patient needs. In this process, the doctor analyzes the color of the beard with the grafts taken from the donor area. If there is inequality, these beards move away from the natural look. Therefore, the patient should work together with the specialist doctor.

After Beard Transplant

The after care of a beard transplant is very important especially during the first week since that is the time when your recover the fastest. The transplanted area becomes red and crusty post transplant due to the clotting of blood. The first wash at the clinic reduces redness and itching. We always perform the first wash at the clinic since there is a high risk of the detachment of the hair follicles.

About two weeks after the transplant, the grafts will begin to fall and this stage is known as “shock loss.” Although patients worry about this stage, this is common in all patients. All the fallen grafts quickly get replaced by new facial hair after a few months. Patients are advised to get proper rest for the first three days and not wash their hair. After the third day, hair can be washed gently with an extremely mild shampoo. However, any activity that can make you sweat such as saunas, sports, exposure to sunlight should be avoided altogether for at least 14 days. You should treat Beard transplant the same way as a normal hair transplant since after the transplant heals, you can style, dye, cut, trim and wash just like the hair on the scalp.

Beard Transplant Cost

Beard transplant cost is very affordable. We plant a beard with hair roots on the back of your head because the hair follicles in the back part of your hair are quite healthy.

Beard implant is an important operation. When you encounter a bad problem, irreversible consequences can occur. Therefore, that is why the attending specialist should perform this operation. As Estetic Hair Mexico, our expert team performs all transplant operations. You can learn the beard transplant cost at the pre-operation planning stage. That's why you can come to our clinic by making a quick appointment and create a free beard transplant plan.


Beard Transplant in Mexico

Beard Transplant in Mexico is a growing phenomenon due to the high quality of the treatment and affordable prices. People from other countries such as United States now prefer Mexico for their hair transplant since it is way more affordable. At Esthetic Hair Turkey clinic in Mexico, our doctors have more than 10 years of experience and guarantee you great results with affordable costs.

Our doctors have come to Mexico from Turkey due to high demand in Mexico by our patients. Hence, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Our consultants will get in touch with you and create a customized treatment plan for you depending on what type of hair transplant you need. Once the plan is finalized, we will guarantee an overall comfortable experience along with reasonable hair transplant cost.

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Beard Transplant Cost in Mexico

Cost of beard transplant is significantly cheaper in Mexico than anywhere in the world. It is 65% lesser than in United States. Transplant cost in USA is very high, which may lead the patient to look for another alternative. Having a transplant in USA means splurging thousands of dollars on average. Evidently, Mexico is way cheaper than USA. However, if you consider transplant in USA vs Mexico in terms of quality, there will be no difference as Mexico offers high quality.

High costs are charged in clinics for the transplant in USA to cover expenses and have profits. The tools used for hair transplant are the same in Mexico and USA. There is no difference between the two sides in terms of quality. There is no difference in the technology that is used during the operation and hair transplant techniques. The difference in the cost for hair transplant cost in USA vs Mexico is due to lower wages in Mexico.



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