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Female Hair Transplant

What is Female Hair Transplant ?

Female hair transplant has recently become very active. Women experiencing regional hair loss are increasingly resorting to hair transplant methods. There are many hair transplantation techniques that have emerged with the development of technology. In addition, the most known of these are Sapphire FUE transplant, FUE transplant and DHI techniques. The most popular of these 3 techniques is the DHI technique and these hair transplantation techniques permanently end male pattern hair loss in women and aim to provide women with healthier hair. In our clinic, there are many hair transplantation techniques to prevent hair loss in women.

Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women is accepted by society as a very normal condition compared to men. However, just like men, women are affected psychologically by this situation and therefore they resort to various ways to be treated. Beforehand, the causes of hair loss should be diagnosed and then treatment methods should be investigated. Hair loss in women can occur for various reasons. These;


Hair transplant for women's hair loss

Hair transplant for women is a growing phenomenon all around the world. Earlier, it was only men opting for a transplant to fix their baldness problems. However, as the technology advances, women have also started getting female hair transplant to enhance their physical appearance since hair is the most precious jewel for a woman. Whether it is a hair transplant for black females with thicker and coarser hair or for blondes with straighter hair, a female hair transplant is a lifelong fix for every hair type.

Hair loss in women can be caused by multiple reasons such as hormonal imbalance, stress, deficiency of vitamins, poor quality cosmetic products, medicines, drugs and menopause. Different reasons require different treatments. However, if the hair loss is permanent i.e. if it is not caused by a reason where the hair loss is reversible then hair transplant for women is the best option. Hair transplant for women has different transplantation methods such as FUE, DHI and Sapphire FUE. All these techniques can permanently stop the hair loss and promote the growth of healthier hair.

Female Hairline Transplant

Similar to male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness also starts from the hairline. It is the first part of the head that starts losing hair. Hence, hair transplant for women is mostly common in hairlines. Besides the pattern baldness, women may also opt for hair transplant for female androgenetic alopecia. However, hairline is still the first thing that needs fixing in most cases. Since women are so concerned about having to shave their hair for the transplant as it will affect their appearance, the newer technology female hair transplant allows the hair to be transplanted without shaving them.

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Can Unshaven Hair Transplantation Be Done?

The unshaven transplant can be performed for female hair loss treatment. According to men, women are uncomfortable with their hair being shaved in their social life. Therefore, many women approach hair transplant treatment with prejudice. However, there are shaved and unshaven transplantation techniques in hair transplantation treatments. That's why the most important thing for us is the satisfaction of our patients. That’s why we fulfill all the wishes of our female and male patients and successfully perform unshaven hair transplantation techniques.


Best female hair transplant surgeon

Esthetic Hair Mexico is the best female hair transplant clinic in Mexico and has the most highly qualified and experienced doctors that guarantee top-notch aesthetic health care. It takes pride in following international standards using the most advanced technology and equipment to ensure our patients from all around the world feel comfortable. For hair transplant for women, it is currently the top choice in Mexico especially when it comes to hair transplant African American woman. We cater to all patients from all nationalities and all hair types and ensure great results with affordable women’s hair transplant cost.

Each year, Esthetic Hair Mexico continues to grow as the best hair transplant clinic. We do it by serving thousands of patients under the most sanitary and hygienic environment. It aims to make sure each patient that steps in the clinic leaves feeling satisfied and content. Every treatment is performed by exceedingly experienced doctors and staff that have been trained abroad.

Female Hair Transplant Cost

Hair loss treatment for women should definitely be hair transplantation. Female hair transplant is an extremely simple operation and there is no difference from the male hair transplant procedure. The techniques used by the doctors are exactly the same and our female hair transplant prices are very affordable. In addition, unshaven hair transplantation is possible for our female patients who do not want their hair to be shaved, because the satisfaction of our patients is paramount to us.

Our brand specializes in hair transplantation and we continue to carry our services to many countries of the world. Turkish doctors who are experts in the field of Esthetic hair Mexico successfully perform female hair transplantation. Our team provides your comfort in a hygienic ambiance. You can reach our patient consultants before meeting with us and they will create a treatment plan for you.



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