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DHI Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplant is a new generation popular hair transplantation technique, which is done with a pen called CHOI, without canal.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant is a hair transplantation technique performed with micro motor equipment without stitches and scars.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Sapphire FUE hair transplant is a modern technique that offers natural results to people who have emerged with the technological developments in recent years.

Female Hair Transplant

Female hair transplant is a treatment method that aims to completely eliminate hair loss in women.

Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven hair transplant is a new technique that removes all aesthetic concerns in hair transplantation operation and is performed without shaving the person’s hair.

Facial Hair Transplant

Beard and eyebrow transplantation is an extremely practical and modern technique that ends the hair loss that occurs in people with hair follicles taken from certain parts of the bod

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Esthetic Hair Turkey

Esthetic Hair Turkey family continues to provide quality service to its patients in many health fields for more than 10 years. Our worldwide growing brand is linked to the success of our Turkish physicians and the technological equipment they use.

Esthetic Hair Brazil

Esthetic Hair Brazil performs all hair transplantation operations with its expert team. We moved our staff and quality equipment to Brazil to be closer to our patients in Brazil. We are working to give you a better service.

Esthetic Hair Mexico

We opened the Esthetic Hair Mexico clinic upon the intense patient demands from Mexico. Our doctors, whom we bring specially for our patients, perform all hair transplantation procedures in an extremely meticulous and high quality manner.

Esthetic Hair Russia

Esthetic Hair Russia consistently provides the highest quality service for hair transplantation with the most recent technologies and skilled medical professionals.


Esthetic Hair Russia consistently provides the highest quality service for hair transplantation with the most recent technologies and skilled medical professionals.

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As Esthetic Hair Mexico, we pay attention to every detail to provide the best quality hair transplant service to our patients. We successfully perform the best hair transplantation techniques in Mexico with our expert team. Our patients achieve natural results in hair transplant treatments without any complications


One of the main reasons for choosing Cancun for hair transplantation is that the modern clinic we opened in the Cancun region has an atmosphere that will serve to empty both your body and mind. By performing our treatments under this atmosphere, we offer natural results to our patients. We perform many hair transplantation techniques with our specialist hair transplantation doctors brought from Turkey. DHI hair transplant is an extremely popular hair transplant technique with new generation equipment. This process is done with special pens we call CHOI. It is very practical. The Gold DHI hair transplantation technique, which we perform in many parts of the world, is met with interest by our patients.



    Hair Transplant in Mexico in 3 Steps

    Step 1

    Medical Consultation

    Before the hair transplant operation, you contact our patient consultants. You send us some of your images and the number of grafts you need is determined. They will give you free of charge which hair transplant technique will be more suitable for you and all other necessary information. Then it continues with the tests and preparations to be made before the operation.

    STEP 2


    In this step, the specialist doctor removes the grafts from the patient’s donor area with the help of equipment according to the hair transplantation technique to be performed. Then they are collected one by one and the grafts are kept in a sterile area. With the CHOI pen used in the DHI technique, the team places the grafts one by one into this pen and delivers them to the doctor

    STEP 3

    Post-op Care

    After the stages are over, the maintenance recommendations must be made correctly. The care phase includes the steps such as careful washing of the donor and transplant areas, good protection of the transplanted grafts, and protection of your hair from impacts. Until your hair is completely healed, your doctor will follow your process and you will be under doctor supervision.

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    You can ask us anything on your mind and get free information from our patient consultants 24/7. We would be happy to assist you with all of our transplant treatments.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hair transplantation is an important operation. First of all, the person should choose a doctor who is suitable for hair transplantation and is an expert in the field. For this, the country of Mexico may be a good choice. By doing a detailed research, you can find out whether the clinics you choose work with certified hair transplant doctors. As Esthetic Hair Mexico, all our transplantation procedures are performed by our expert certified team. You can have a planting procedure with peace of mind in our extremely safe clinic.

    There are many hair transplant clinics in Mexico. Compared to European countries, hair transplantation procedures are carried out in Mexico at an affordable price. As Esthetic Hair Mexico, we offer appropriate and quality hair transplantation services to our patients.

    So How much does a hair transplant cost in Cancun Mexico? As Esthetic Hair Turkey, we established a hair transplant center in Cancun, Mexico. In order to provide a better service to our patients, we brought our expert certified hair transplant doctors here. Our hair transplant prices vary according to the number of grafts you need.

    Hair transplant operation can take at least 3 hours and at most 6 hours. This may vary depending on the condition of your hair.

    According to researches, it has been observed that hair transplantation procedures are successful at a percentage of 85%-95%. In our clinic, a visible growth occurs in the hair up to the first 6 months. We guarantee a successful result to our patients with our specially applied hair transplantation techniques.

    We performs FUE, Sapphire FUE transplant and DHI techniques in hair transplantation. We successfully perform all our hair transplantation techniques with our expert team. DHI is a very popular technique in the hair transplant world. This procedure, which is done without opening a canal, is met with interest by the patients. The most important feature of this technique is that it is done without seams. Click for more information about DHI technique.


    Esthetic Hair Mexico successfully performs all hair transplantation techniques with its expert team.


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