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How Long do Hair Transplant Last?

Most men begin to experience baldness and hair loss as they begin to age. However, the hair on the back and on the side of their scalp is generally immune to hair fall. This is where hair transplantation helps. The area where the hair still grows is called the donor area. Doctors will use it to take grafts from for the transplant. Once the doctor transplants these grafts into the area of hair loss, your hair will grow normally and will cover the bald spots. However, for how long will it cover the balding and how long do hair transplant last?

To be honest, if a transplant is done correctly and by an experienced doctor, it will last your whole life. It is safe to say that investing in a transplant is always worth it if it’s a reliable surgeon. Hence, how long do hair transplant last is out of the question. You can be rest assured that it will be worth it, It is because modern transplants use advanced technologies and tools with experienced doctors for safe and natural results. Although hair transplants last a lifetime, some patients opt for more than one transplant in their lifetime. It is due to multiple reasons like increasing the hair density. This is because the patients are happy with the results and know the hair transplant after 10 years will have the same results.

Do hair transplants last forever

Most patients save money for a transplant. They want to make sure it is a one time investment and hence they question will hair transplant last forever? It is a simple yet crucial procedure. The donor area provides the grafts and the grafts are transplanted to the balding areas. The grafts contain the characteristics of the original healthy hair and will continue to grow when transplanted. That answers the question “do hair transplants last forever?” However, every patient is different with different hair characteristics and no treatment will guarantee the lifespan of the transplant.

FUE technique is considerably modern as compared to other transplants. They serve as the best option of a permanent solution to baldness. The answer to “do hair transplants last forever” will be a yes with FUE transplant. The results of this hair transplant after 10 years will be the same.

What determines how long do hair transplant last?

Certain factors can affect the longevity of the transplant and decide do hair transplants last forever and how hair transplant after 10 years will appear. These factors include

Choosing sufficient donor area

Small donor area means less number of grafts and less number of hair that will grow. Having a larger donor area gives the doctor the access to more grafts, which allows you to have more density of hair on the scalp and your hair transplant after 10 years will be the same.


Opting for the right doctor and clinic

Many people opt for an unqualified doctor because they offer lower prices. However, it is very dangerous and can risk hair transplant falling out after 1 year. Since hair and beard transplants are a once in a lifetime investment and concern your physical appearance, choose a qualified and experienced doctor even if they charge a slightly higher amount. Next time you question “do hair transplants last forever”, know that this factor affects the longevity of the transplant the most.

Understanding baldness

Multiple reasons can cause baldness. Although the transplanted hair will last a lifetime, the hair surrounding it can fall due to reasons such as diseases like alopecia or cancer.

Hair Transplant after 10 Years

Once you get a transplant, your scalp will take around 6 months to heal completely and grow new hair. You will be able to see complete result of the transplant after almost a year. Once healed, you do not have to worry about how your hair transplant after 10 years will look. So, how long do hair transplant last? Healthy hair follicles are transplanted on the bald areas as grafts and are bound to last a lifetime. The hair transplant after 10 years looks the same because the transplanted hair follicles retain their original genetic prearrangement. They follicles have the capability to re-grow hair strands even if the strands fall.

Some diseases are an exception and continue to affect the hair transplant after 10 years too. These diseases include alopecia and cancer since chemotherapy induces hair loss and baldness.

Some people decide to opt for second hair transplant after 10 years or more because they want to have more density. The second transplant further aids the answer to the questions “how long do hair transplant last” and “do hair transplants last forever?”

What you should know before getting the transplant?

It is just as important to question what will happen after the surgery as it is to question how long do hair transplant last and what will the appearance of hair transplant after 10 years be. Around two weeks after the surgery, your hair will fall out and will be replaced with new, healthy hair within a few months. It is normal for the transplanted hair to fall out a few weeks after the transplant but transplanted hair falling out after 2 years or more is not normal and in this case, you should consult your doctor.

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