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2000 Grafts Hair Transplant

What is a Hair Graft?

The graft contains skin and hair follicles. When people say graft, they think only hair follicles, but graft and hair follicles are not the same thing. A graft can contain 1 to 4 hair follicles. The skin in the graft determines the number of hair follicles. There are 4 types of grafts; single double triple quadruple. Terms such as 2000 grafts hair transplant are used for hair transplant treatment.

Hair follicle transplantation, which is mentioned in hair transplantation, means graft transplantation. Hair follicles are not taken one by one and transplanted. The specialist only takes the grafts one by one and preserves the vitality of these roots in a sterile environment. In this way, several hair follicles are transplanted together.

Things to Consider About Grafts

How Are Grafts Calculated?

There are some important points that a hair transplant specialist should pay attention to when calculating grafts.

These are the most basic factors in determining the number of grafts.

Number of Grafts

The specialist determines the number of grafts that the person needs before the hair transplant operation. The number of grafts differs from person to person. The hair center you will go to can tell you that they will 2000 grafts hair transplant, which is equal to 4000 hair strands. There are 2 and 4 hairs in a graft.


Planted Area

While making this calculation, the specialist also takes into account the width of the area to be planted. Because the density of the hair follicles must be compatible with the surrounding roots for the patient to achieve a natural result.

Donor Area

The donor area is usually the nape area. Hair roots in this area are quite strong. The donor area should be taken into account when calculating the graft. Because there must be enough grafts in the donor area.

The Structure of the scalp

The structure of the scalp is important for graft calculation. The skin ratio here determines the number of hair follicles. The specialist checks the structure of your scalp whether it is suitable for grafting.

Hair Strand

As we mentioned before, hair fiber and graft are not the same thing. The number of hair strands in a normal person is 2 or 3. If there are 3 hair follicles in the average hair tissue, 3000 grafts are taken and this means that 9 thousand hairs are transplanted.

Hair Transplantation According to Your Graft Needs

After collecting the grafts, the specialist starts the hair transplant operation. Hair transplantation is done with several techniques. These techniques may vary from clinic to clinic. Techniques such as DHI, FUE and sapphire FUE are classic and are found almost in clinics. The difference from each other is the equipment used.

After the specialists create your treatment plan, they examine the patient. It then does an inspection and determines how many grafts you need. The region you need is important here. For example, if you only need the front hair, about 2000 grafts may be needed in this area. Or if you have hair loss in your crown area, more grafts may be needed. If your hair loss is not excessive, 2000 grafts hair transplant may be a reasonable option. If 2000 grafts are planted, it means you will have 4000 hair follicles.

Hair transplantation offers permanent and natural results. However, the choice of specialist and clinic is very important. Estheticana performs hair transplant procedures professionally. Click for 2000 hair grafts before and after and review the results of our patients.

Graft For Areas Of Hair Loss

Hair loss may occur due to certain reasons. Hormonal, stress, and genetic factors cause hair loss. This hair loss also occurs in various parts of the head area. (Front, back, and crown area of ​​the head). The number of grafts needed by these areas also varies.

An average donor area can have 6000 hair grafts. If you have hair loss on the top of your hair, 2000-3000 grafts may be required. 2000 hair grafts are usually sufficient for patients. However, some patients may experience hair loss in more than one area, such people need more grafts. 2000 grafts hair transplant offers successful results.

How many hair follicles do you need? Contact us to find out.

2000 Grafts Hair Transplant in Mexico

Esthetic Hair Mexico has been serving its patients as a hair transplant center for years. All hair transplant techniques are performed by specialist doctors. The brand, which cares about the satisfaction of its patients, implements all its procedures in line with their wishes.

Our patient consultants provide free graft analysis services to many countries around the world. They carry out your treatment plan and then your specialist doctor will perform your operation. It is quite easy to determine your graft need. You can take the first step to your hair transplant operation by sending a few photos of you. Contact us and find out your graft needs.

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