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Will I go bald if my dad is?

A huge population of men begin losing their hair as early as in their late teenage. As they age, the hair loss gets more severe. By the time they reach late 40s, most of the hair is lost exposing their scalp and causing baldness. While some men take this normally as part of aging, some are concerned about their appearance. Baldness can take a toll on their mental health and confidence.

Hair loss can be caused by many reasons but the most important factor influencing hair loss is genes. Hair loss is hereditary, which means that men inherit this gene from chromosome X, the female chromosome. This means your mother’s side is more likely to influence your hair pattern as compared to your father. Hence, if your maternal grandfather faced baldness, you are likely to face it to so instead of thinking will I go bald if my dad is, start thinking if your maternal grandfather faced hair loss issues. If your dad is bald, chances are you might also go bald. Although the baldness gene is inherited from the mother, fathers also have a significant impact on the baldness gene so if you are still questioning will I go bald if my dad is, this article will answer your questions.

Factors That Affect Baldness

Besides the genes, there are numerous factors that affect baldness in both men and women. These factors include the following

In order to maintain healthy hair, it is crucial to have a healthy diet along with stress free lifestyle since stress, anxiety and depression can decrease the blood flow and oxygen supply to the scalp leading to hair loss. Hence, instead of wondering will I go bald if my dad is or what percentage of men go bald, focus more on leading a healthy lifestyle to eliminate chances of balding.


What percentage of men go bald?

Another commonly asked question is what percentage of men go bald? Men usually begin experiencing baldness in late teenage or early adulthood as their hairline starts to recede. In the younger generations, baldness did not occur until 30s. However, the new generation is more vulnerable to hair loss and baldness due to excessive stress. Most men want an answer to what percentage of men go bald. loss starts from the hairline causing receding hairline and goes back to the temples and then the crown. This is called male pattern baldness. What age do men start balding could be a tricky question to answer since every male has different genes, lifestyle, health, stress levels etc. that can influence the degree of hair loss. However, generally, 20% of men will experience considerable hair loss by the time they reach 20. The percentage keeps increasing with age and by the age of 50, more than 85% of men will face extreme hair loss. What age does male pattern baldness start has no sole answer because signs of pattern baldness are often difficult to detect and most people notice it when half of the hair has already fallen. The most common yet unnoticed symptom is receding hairline. This unnoticeable hair loss is called “invisible baldness.” It only gets worse with time if not treated properly.

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