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What are scabs after hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is currently at its peak when it comes to aesthetic procedures. It serves as a solution for every person whether it is a male or female suffering from baldness or hair loss. The results are long lasting and look natural. Undeniably, Turkey is among one of the top countries that people prefer for medical tourism specially hair transplantation.

Before you decide to get a hair transplant, it is crucial to do your research about the doctors, pricing and procedure. When it comes to the procedure, knowing about scabs after hair transplant, which is also known as hair transplant crust is also vital. During the transplant, the doctors extract grafts from the small strips. This extraction leaves some wounds on the scalp post procedure called scabs.

Why are these scabs formed?

Scabs are made up of dried blood and the crust around it is made up of the dead graft tissue. These hair transplant crusts take a few days to appear and around a week to heal. Generally, the scabs after hair transplant take 3 days to form and become visible. However, they will easily fall off in one to two weeks but in some cases, if they do not fall, they can be removed by gently washing the hair.

While dealing with scabs, there are some precautions that should be taken

Removing Scabs After Hair Transplant

The best way to remove scabs after hair transplant is to let them fall on your own and use only mild shampoo while washing their hair with lukewarm water. Do not ever try to remove them earlier as it can be very dangerous for the follicle. After 12-13 days, you can very lightly massage your scalp. If the scabs do not fall off after 2 weeks, you can consult your surgeon.

Precautions for scabs after hair transplant

Although the hair transplant crust heals on its own, some precautions can make the healing process faster.


Importance of removing scabs after the transplant

As mentioned earlier, scabs after hair transplant are hair transplant crust that are formed due to incisions made on the scalp for the extraction of graft. It is crucial to remove the scabs after the transplant due to certain reasons.

Guaranteeing proper graft growth

Scabs need around a week to heal and fall off on their own. Scabs cause the scalp to become moist and warm, which makes it vulnerable to the growth of bacteria. This gives rise to inflammation and affects the graft growth negatively. Hence, it is crucial to wash off the scabs after a week. In case they do not fall off during washing, consult your doctor and they will use an enzyme-rich spray that dissolves the hair transplant crust to eliminates scabs after hair transplant.

Scar Prevention on the Scalp

As much as you would want to scratch your head after the surgery in the initial days, you have to resist it as scratching can cause scarring. Scratching can also affect the growth of the grafts negatively. You should totally avoid this until the scabs have healed.

Reduction of the Itchiness

Scabs cause your scalp to itch a lot at times making it tempting for you to itch it. However, itching can seriously damage your grafts and it should be avoided at all costs.

Hair falling out with scabs after hair transplant

Many people wonder if their hair will fall along with the scabs after hair transplant. Yes, they will fall along with the scabs but this is very normal and expected. The follicles will still be alive under your skin and your hair will grow after a few months. Hence, hair falling out with scabs after hair transplant should not make you worried.

How to clean the hair transplant crust

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