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Crown Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a general problem of all people around the world. According to research, hair loss begins in the area called the crown, which occurs at the highest point of the head, and becomes sparse. Although there are many products on the market for hair loss today, the most effective and permanent method is hair transplantation. Many people prefer Crown hair transplant operation. But first of all, we need to know the causes of these hair loss. What causes hair loss in the crown area? What can be done for this? We will answer questions such as and explain how the hair transplant method will help you.

What Causes Crown Hair Loss?

There are many factors that cause crown hair loss, but the most common of them is androgenetic alopecia. Also known as male pattern baldness. The problem of male pattern baldness starts from the top of the head area and then falls out until the scalp is opened. Apart from these, genetic factors are also very important. This situation usually occurs in mid-life. However, in some men it can start in their 20s ages. For this type of men, hair loss begins either at the hairline or in the crown area. The hair follicles in this area are very weak, so any changes in the body can lose these hair follicles.

Other factors ;

When you contact us, our team will tell you the reason for your hair loss for the best hair transplant treatment.

Best Solution For Hair Loss: Hair Transplant

Since crown hair loss is a very common problem, people are constantly looking for a solution. The person should first find the general cause of hair loss and then search for treatment methods. The above items are a few of the main causes of hair loss. Many of these reasons can be resolved with hair transplant treatment. Also, hair transplant for thinning crown is a very practical procedure. Therefore, patients can have hair transplantation for their thinning hair.

Hair transplantation offers very natural and permanent results when done with the right technique. People may be worried about hair transplant treatment, this is very normal because non-specialist doctors also perform this treatment method, which is very inconvenient. However, treatments performed by specialist doctors in a successful clinical environment always offer permanent solutions. You can solve your hair loss with hair transplantation methods. Hair transplant treatment has a wide range of features. It has multiple techniques but varies from clinic to clinic. Esthetic Hair Mexico provides quality treatments with expert doctors.

What is The Crown Hair Transplant Success Rate?

Crown hair transplant is a more difficult procedure than other hair areas. Patients can wait 1 year to get the result they want. However, the success rate depends on the technique applied by the doctor and the doctor's expertise. For example, in the DHI technique, the patient see results in the 4th or 5th month. This increases the success rate of the treatment by 100%. To summarize, the success rate of the treatment completely depends on the specialist and the technique. Esthetic Hair Mexico is waiting for you with 100% permanent results. Would you like to see the crown hair transplant before and after photos?

Which Technique is Best For Crown Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation techniques vary from clinic to clinic and success rates are also different. But there are also techniques that are classic. For example, Sapphire FUE hair transplantation and FUE technique are classical procedures. Unlike these, there is the DHI technique. It is a very modern and practical technique. It is made without channel and also, it does not cause any damage to the donor area. Therefore, DHI hair transplantation technique can give more successful results for the crown area. As we mentioned above, this procedure should be done by a professional doctor.

Esthetic Hair Mexico

Esthetic Hair Mexico has been serving in the field of hair transplant for a long time and aims to become a worldwide brand. For this, it is developing day by day. It produces successful results with its Turkish expert doctor staff. It produces successful results with its Turkish expert doctor staff. It provides patients with different treatment opportunities by following the changing technology every day. Moreover, considering the satisfaction of its patients, it provides them with quality services at an affordable price.

Say goodbye to hair loss with Esthetic Hair Mexico. If you are complaining about your crown area, contact us and have thicker hair. Our 24/7 patient consultants will create your treatment plan and you will have new hair in a short time. Hurry up! don't miss our opportunities.

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