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Hairline Restoration

Hairline Restoration in Turkey

The most important part of a successful hair transplant treatment is to get a natural look. In this, the planning of the hairlines is very important. It varies from person to person. Due to the different facial structures of people, there is no standard design. Therefore, there are many factors for hairline restoration.

Factors in Determining the Hairline

Gender : The design of a person's hairline varies according to their gender. Men's hairline is more curved, while women's hairline is straighter.

Age : The age of the person is also important when determining the hairline. Hair transplantation can be done in young people who experience rapid hair loss. However, due to the age of the person, the loss of hair will be repeated, so it is necessary to have a permanent hair transplant. Therefore, it will be healthier to stop hair loss and determine the hairline later.

Facial Structure : In order for the person to have a natural hairline, it is very important to examine the facial structure correctly. A hairline that is highly compatible with the facial structure should be designed.

Number of Graft : The size of the donor area should be considered. After the number of grafts to be transplanted is calculated, sowing should be done according to the width of the forehead.

Hairline in Women

Among the reasons why the hairline is further back in women and shedding in these areas are genetic characteristics and androgenetic female pattern hair loss. Before starting the women's hairline restoration, it is necessary to make sure that the receding hairline has stopped. Because if an operation is performed while the existing hair loss continues, a successful result cannot be obtained.

There are treatment methods that can be applied to women whose foreheads are wide and whose hairline is far behind. During hair transplantation, the specialist doctor can pull down the hairline. People prefer this method. In addition, they prefer hair tightening to make it look natural and aesthetic. This helps restore hairline naturally . How would you like to take a look at the content of the female hair transplant we have prepared for you?

Hairline Regression Treatment

The process of hairline restoration is a form of treatment in itself. However, thanks to the medical technology that has emerged in recent years, many useful treatment methods have emerged. Hair transplantation, which eliminates regression and hair loss in the hairline, is a successful treatment method. Doctors start hair transplantation treatment by making certain plans when they deem it necessary.

These regressions, which occur regardless of men and women, do not continue to progress at one point. Hairline regression makes the person look older than they are, and this creates a very negative effect. Therefore, the hairline can be taken down in accordance with the face and forehead structure of the person by performing hair transplantation. It is not a problem that the forehead structure is too wide. The doctor uses single grafts on the front of the head and an imperceptibly natural hairline can be created.

Hair Transplant

The process of planting the grafts taken between the two ears, that is, from the nape area, on the spill areas is called hair transplantation. Hair transplantation offers a successful result against shedding, as well as natural results for creating a hairline. The operation process begins when the specialist doctor gives local anesthesia to the patient. Then, grafts are collected one by one from the donor area where healthy hair is located. It is planted in the area where there are gaps in the patient's hairline. Hair transplant specialists generally use DHI (direct hair transplantation) for a natural hairline. The duration of this procedure may vary depending on the patient's condition. However, it takes between 3 and 6 hours. However, after the operation, the patient should pay attention to his hair. This is important to get a good result. You can learn what you need to pay attention to by examining our post after hair transplantation.

How to Restore Hairline Naturally?

Hair transplant treatment is always recommended for a natural and ideal hairline. This treatment has a certain sequence:

In Esthetic Hair Mexico, hairline restoration is performed with hair transplantation techniques successfully. You can get detailed information by examining our hair transplant treatments.

Hairline Restoration Surgery Cost

Hairline treatment is a procedure that requires expertise. Because in order to create a natural hairline, it is necessary to have a certain education and to be an expert in the field of hair transplantation. Otherwise, you may face a disappointing result. This process takes almost 3 to 6 hours. Therefore, it is useful to allocate a certain budget to get a quality treatment.

As Esthetic Hair Mexico, we perform all hair transplantation methods at affordable prices. Our staff consists entirely of specialist doctors. We always guarantee natural results to our patients. That's why we always get good feedback from them. If you want to have hairline restoration treatment in our clinic, you can contact our patient consultants. Fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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