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Hair Transplant Cancun

Hair Transplant and Techniques

Hair transplantation is a process that eliminates hair loss in people with various methods. It can occur in men and women due to genetic, psychological or different reasons. However, permanent solutions to such problems can be easily eliminated with hair transplantation. How? Esthetic Hair Mexico offers patients natural and permanent hair thanks to the latest technology equipment it uses. You may meet new and different techniques with hair transplant Cancun.

Hair transplantation techniques are more than one ;

As Esthetic Hair Mexico, our techniques are very diverse. Our specialist doctors perform DHI, FUE and Sapphire techniques with special equipment. The feature that distinguishes DHI hair transplantation from other techniques is that it is performed with a special CHOI pen without opening the canal. Get detailed information about DHI. Specialists successfully perform it without creating scars and damage. FUE hair transplant is a classic procedure. Besides other techniques, it is performed with the help of a special tip by opening the channel. FUE hair transplant Cancun Mexico is performed comfortably with a special staff. Sapphire FUE, on the other hand, is performed under expert control and by collecting the grafts, as in the others. The reason why this process is called sapphire is that the equipment used is made of sapphire stone. Most of our patients in Mexico prefer the popular DHI technique.

Mexico Option For Hair Transplant : Hair Transplant Cancun

Hair transplantation is a serious operation. Bad situations may occur as a result of performing this procedure by certified or non-specialized doctors. Therefore, a specialist team should definitely do the operation. Hair transplant treatments are performed in many parts of the world. However, most of the patients are looking for safe hair transplant centersIt may be difficult to find a safe hair transplant center these days, but Esthetic Hair Mexico is a brand that is active in many parts of the world. It has a very large health tourism network in Turkey. Patients from many parts of the world come to the clinic in Turkey only for our specialist doctors. That's why we open a clinic center in Mexico and our Turkish doctors there for you. Esthetic Hair Mexico will be a very good option for hair transplantation.

Which Hair Transplant Techniques Are Popular in Cancun?

Hair transplantation techniques are very important to get a quality result. Therefore, it is a little difficult for patients to choose, because everyone has the right to get good results. However, for this, specialist doctors need to perform the techniques because getting the most accurate and quality results depends on the specialist doctor. Esthetic Hair Mexico works with expert Turkish doctors. They use our popular techniques in Turkey and always satisfy patients. There are various hair transplantation techniques, but the most preferred method is DHI. Direct hair implantation (DHI) is a procedure performed without opening a canal. Therefore, problems such as damage or wounds do not occur. Moreover, the grafts are collected one by one and transplanted directly with the CHOI pen. During these procedures, the patient does not feel any pain because the doctor puts the patient under local anesthesia. Hair transplant Cancun is the right option. If you want DHI hair transplantation, contact us.

Hair Transplant Cancun Mexico

Esthetic Hair Mexico performs hair transplant techniques in the fascinating Cancun region. It is a brand that develops itself with its numerous staff and specialist doctors. By opening a center in the Cancun region, it aimed to reach patients easily. Our hair transplant costs are affordable and have fixed prices. Once you know the number of grafts you need, a treatment plan is quickly created and the process begins immediately. Then? Yes, you will have magnificent hair roots. If you want your hair to be full and natural, contact us and we will get back to you right away. Our patient consultants provide 24/7 service. All you have to do is contact us. We are waiting for you in Cancun !

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